Veterinary CE Ski Week
Veterinary CE and Family Ski Week

Veterinary CE Ski Week

  • Veterinary CE and Family Ski Week

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This year (2019) speaker line-up:

Dr. Stephan A. Carey, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (SAIM) 

Assistant Professor, Michigan State University 

  • Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease (CIRD) Complex: Host, Pathogen and Environmental Interactions
  • Current State of Canine Influenza Virus (CIV) in the Upper Midwestern United States 
  • Feline Chronic Nasal Disease: A Structural and Functional Approach to Therapy   

Dr. Kristy Earley-Murray, DVM 

Regional Strategic Veterinarian, Zoetis Petcare 

  • Dermatological Emergencies: The Itchy, The Painful and Systemically Ill 
  • The Human-Animal Bond and The Pet Effect 
  • Tick Time High Alert & Tick-Borne Diseases 
  • Tick ID Wet Lab

Bring your family as Boyne Highlands offers something for everyone.

We look forward to welcoming you in 2018 to another great ski week at Boyne Highlands!  We hope each of your takes the opportunity to enjoy the quality snow, great conditions and abundant activity options at Boyne Highlands. 

2015 Participants

Midwest Veterinary CE and Family Ski Week

"Much much more than skiing and snowboarding happens at this conference.  The essence, joy & strength of family values are everywhere.  Friendships that began here are now in their third generation."

Dr. Dale Walther & Family

"I've been looking forward to our Boyne Highlands trip ever since we left last year!"

Jonah Fouts

"We look forward to this trip every year with much excitement.  Our week at Boyne Highlands is our favorite week out of the year!  All the ski instructors are wonderful and make skiing so fun for us and our kids."Tim & Lynn Fouts"We always enjoy our time at Boyne.  The slopes and zipline are a lot of fund and it is a great chance to spend time with old friends and learn new things."

Corey & Cindy Griffiths

"Have lived up to the standards for the last 30 years.  Fabulous fun times!!"

Robert A. Montgomery

"This is a great time, very fun and an awesome place to learn to ski."Randy Clements
"Milt, George and Barbara deserve a huge pat on the back for a wonderful week.  Great food, lectures and skiing.  Hope to see you all next year!"

Cindy & John Niles

"Have made this trip for twelve years now and love it every time!!!  Our children are exclusively Boyne instructed skiers and we love how technically sound they are at skiing; thanks to Boyne's great instruction.Greatly miss the Austrian aspect of the ski experience, but feel its still high standard ski instruction!"

Amy Laiberte

"My husband and I had a wonderful time on our first trip to Boyne Highlands.  This is a wonderful week of skiing, excellent ski instruction, and time spent with good friends!"

Kim & Doug Backlund 

"The excitement on the childrens faces when they get their trophies - medals is priceless!!

I think the trophies & medals are great for the kids, but for the adult racer why not give them some type of a gift certificate for the ski shop, they will go down & end up spending more money which in turn is good for Boyne.  If not a gift certificate how about a $$ amount on a free drink (or a ticket of sort). 

Also why not do the awards right after the race while everyone is right there.  People could still ski or do the pool right after the awards.  These are just some ideas that I have heard, whatever changes or non it's still one of the BEST TRIP EVER."

"This was the best vacation ever!

Nolan Kellicker (age 5)

"Mommy, I went on the ski lift today!  (Day 3 ski school with Patch)."

Ethan Kellicker (age 3)