Sushi & Sake Sunday

Sushi Sake Sunday is an excellent way to enjoy Asian cuisine with your friends or family while in northern Michigan. This sure to be popular dining event is a must, and you'll want to make sure you reserve your seat in advance at the Seminole Pub, located in Country Club of Boyne.

Upon arriving, you'll be treated to a casual dining experience with relaxing vibes where you can experience creative and healthy Japanese ingredients. You'll have the choice of choosing from different sushi rolls, sashimi, sake, and Japanese beers, as well as enjoy plenty of traditional complementary appetizers. 

Let's talk about drinks. If you're looking forward to a beer for your meal you can expect a cold, foamy, and refreshing pilsner style lager. If you're looking for something with a little more kick though, then sake is definitely the way to go. This Japanese rice liquor is traditionally served in a cup and will surely warm you up. 

What should you expect with your sushi? You'll receive two pieces of sushi or four slices of sashimi, which can be ordered at a time. If by chance you aren't craving sushi, that's okay. You'll also be able to order additional non-Japanese options to eat such as fish, chicken sandwiches, or angus fillets. Chopsticks will be supplied in order to enjoy the full authentic experience, but regular silverware will be offered for those of you inexperienced with chopsticks. 

Looking for a more immersive dining experience where you can eat exclusively with a small group and be served personally by Country Club of Boyne chefs? Then the Chef's Table Dining Experience may be up your ally.I don't know about you, but I can't wait to dive into some sushi on Sushi Saki Sunday - and I hope I'll see you there.