"Celebrate" Summer with The Young Americans Dinner Theatre

Everyone likes music and food, they're crowd pleasers on their own, so why not combine them for an experience of a lifetime? "Celebrate" with the Young Americans Dinner Theatre this year at Boyne Highlands Resort for our 42nd annual season. This isn't your typical dinner show, the performers are also your servers for the evening, giving you service AND entertainment.

These young adults put shows on all around the world, and they want to continue sharing that magic with us by bringing another show to Boyne Highlands. With our staff working behind the scenes, the performers have their full attention on putting on the best dinner show for you and your family, as well as bringing you your dinner and drinks.

Not only is the show unique, but it's also a show put together from scratch, and it's only performed here. From classic tunes to songs you may recognize from Broadway, each show is sure to grab your attention and stand out. Come and experience The Young American Dinner Theatre with your family and friends while you sit back and let us take care of the rest.

These tickets sell out fast, be sure to get yours today!