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Blog Ride The Highlander
Steve Schultz has the info on whats going down with this awesome mountain bike event.

Ride The Highlander

Ride The Highlander

One of our favorite bike events of the summer is just around the corner, The Highlander! This awesome mountain bike race was created by some of our best local mountain bikers, so we figured, why not ask them to give us the 411 on what this race is all about. Here is what Steve Schultz, one of the event promoters, had to say:

"The Highlander really is a real mountain bike race created and put on by real mountain bikers.  The course utilizes almost all of the Boyne Highlands XC trail system.  The long race is 2 laps and totals about 20 miles with over 2,400 feet of climbing. The short course is a single lap and is roughly 11 miles with about 1,200 feet of climbing. Although the course is shorter than most of the other local races, times will be ranging from an hour and a half to two and a half hours for the long race.  The times are similar to the world famous Iceman in Traverse City.  The course is primarily single track while still having plenty of opportunities for passing. There are significant sustained climbs as you summit Boyne Highlands and the lap ends with a mile long decent with some very technical sections. These things are not very common in northern lower Michigan. It is no doubt one of, if not the toughest mountain bike race in the lower peninsula. The winner of this race will have to be an all-around great biker.  You can't be good at just one aspect of riding.  You are going to have to be good at all of it.  With past winners like Chad Wells, Jordan Wakeley, and Mike Tramanti you know it draws quality competition from around the state.  Last year there was even a bacon station on the course!"

Don't miss this opportunity to race on some of Northern Michigan's most premiere mountain bike trails with some of the area's top racers. Join us August 25 for this year's Ride The Highlander event!

See you on the trails!