The best 4th in the north

Red, White, and Blue! 7/29/18

If you are looking for true Americana mixed with lake side flair this Independence Day, Harbor Springs is just the destination you are looking for. With friendly locals and an unexplainable throwback feel, this is the perfect spot to spend time with the family.

Geranium lined streets lay out the perfect runway for a vibrant parade. The parade is jam packed full of singing, dancing, marching bands, and vintage cars. From start to finish the energy is on high and you won't be able to peel yourself away. The Young Americans are the shining float, with big smiles and all your favorite show tunes. After you watch them come down Main Street, you can catch a free show in Shay Park.

The art show is a great place to kill some time during the day and pick up something unique. Rows and rows of interesting booths with everything from ceramics, jewelry, and prints fill the park while the scent of nearby hot dogs fill the air. You can slowly stroll through while enjoying your ice cream then take a quick swim in Lake Michigan at the city beach right next door.

The fireworks in Harbor Springs are the climax to a nostalgic day. Bring your chairs and head to your favorite vantage point to see the sky light up with a fantastic show. Everyone seems to have their favorite pyrotechnic bloom that they call out as big booms ring over the bay. Snuggle up with your loved ones and reflect on your awesome day in northern Michigan. Let freedom ring!

See you lake side!