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Take a hike!

Off The Beaten Path 7/28/18

It's no secret that northern Michigan is home to some of the most beautiful nature preserves and hiking areas in our beautiful mitten shaped state. Hiking is a great way to get out, connect with nature, and let your troubles get lighter with every step.

1.      Trails at Boyne Highlands - In keeping with our commitment to providing an active, outdoor-oriented vacation destination, we've developed a beautiful network of hiking trails, tracing through miles of Boyne Highlands forests and fields. Explore lush timberland, mountains and rolling hills, and discover some of what makes Boyne Country so special. You're sure to encounter some friends along the way, from wild turkeys to deer - and even a fellow hiker or two. Late-day hikers may even thrill to the howl of a coyote, welcoming the moon back as night falls and the sun sinks below the horizon.  

2.      Petoskey State Park - Covering over 300 acres, this State Park has something for everyone. It's easy to raise your heart rate while jumping through sand dunes or climbing to the top of Old Baldy for spectacular views. Once you've worked up a sweat, taking a dunk in Lake Michigan is the perfect cherry on top of a long day in the sun.  

3.      Offield Family Working Forest Reserve - Nestled in between Quick and Hedrick Road, rolling hills and multiple intersections make this reserve a dog walker's paradise! With a prime location close to town and Boyne Highlands Resort, this destination can make you feel lost in the woods while only being a stone's throw away from your homestead.  

4.      The Headlands - Designated an International Dark Sky Park in 2011, The Headlands is a shining light in northern Michigan. Roughly five miles of trails are available for cross-country skiing, hiking, birdwatching, and mountain biking. Once the sun sets over Lake Michigan, billions of twinkling stars come out to play, showing off in true northern Michigan fashion.

5.      Hailand/Helstrom Preserve Complex - Located just off of West Conway Road, this fern filled preserve has a wide range of terrain for you to explore. Meadows, forests, and beaver ponds make this habitat a fantastic location for seeing migrating waterfowl. Being connected to Crooked Lake by streams and rivers make this a hiking spot a definite must see for any bird lover.

So grab your bug spray, walking stick, and camera to visit one of these awesome destinations. You can stomp out your work week frustrations while taking in the sights that really make our area special. 

See You On The Trails!