An update on the new trail from our Bike Park Manager, Zach Hopkins

We are working tirelessly on the completion of the first section of new trail. The whole trail top to bottom has been rough benched and upon completion will offer a nearly 1.5 mile route. The top section that we hope to open this fall will be a quarter of a mile of flowy, bermy goodness. While we have the whole trail benched that is just the first step. Every inch of trail needs to have a stable base material that is brought in and worked by hand to create a firm non sandy surface that will ride well and last for years. Each section will be hand built, ridden, tested and reworked to create a great experience for riders of all skill levels. We are just as excited as you are to have it completed and appreciate everyone's patience while we strive to finish the most ambitious project we have ever undertaken. We will provide regular updates as we get closer to completion and a solid opening date. 

Zach Hopkins
Bike Park Manager