A challenging puzzle with elegant dining, the Murder Mystery Dinner

The Murder Mystery Dinner, a newer event at Boyne Highlands, is an interactive dinner show that utilizes the audience in order for the mystery to be solved. Making each show a different theme gives guests a one of a kind experience every time. Some audience members even get to take part in the throwback show by playing murder suspects with stories written by the cast. 

Prompting you to think like a detective, the Murder Mystery Dinner challenges guests with an interactive puzzle while offering them enough help to finish solving the mystery, no matter what skill level you are. While the actors give guests clues to guide them along their way, the Boyne Highlands staff is there to get drinks along with making the delicious buffet dinner that comes with the show. 

The Murder Mystery Dinner shadows Boyne Highland's other "dinner and a show"  events but instead of entertaining and serving the guest, the dinner show focuses on challenging guests with a puzzling mystery and jokes. The Murder Mystery cast also strongly encourages guests to dress with the theme, and they give awards to some of the best audience members!