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Home Blog Fishing In Northern Michigan
Blog Fishing In Northern Michigan
Drop a line to your chums and head to the lake.

Fishing In Northern Michigan

If there is one thing we have in northern Michigan that we are certainly proud of, it's our water. Flowing streams, quaint inlands water bodies, and oh yeah, the Great Lakes. If you are interested in getting in touch with your inner Hemingway, fishing these water bodies is a great way to get hooked on a new pastime.

Crooked Lake: While this lake maybe a boater's paradise in the summer, pulling out your shanty once the temperatures drop is a great way to snag a delicious fish on your line. Walleye, perch, and pike are easy to come by and make for a pleasing family dinner. Exploring this lake you will come across multiple points, sand bars, and Oden Island, which make for perfect hideaways for your finned friends.

Maple River: If you see yourself as more of a Norman Maclean, and find yourself at peace when your fly is dancing over a rapid river, fly fishing on the Maple might be for you. With deep holes, riffs, and pools, you are able to hook a brook trout with ease. Just south of the dam, downstream from the spillway, are some of the best areas to take a rainbow or brown. With a trail system that follows along the bank, you can easily make your way to less fished spots while enjoying a jaunt through nature.

Lake Michigan: Our biggest water body by far and possibly the most fun for the serious angler, Lake Michigan never disappoints. Out on the big water you can catch trout, salmon, bass, and steelhead. The best way to experience this is by boat and possibly with someone to show you the ropes. There are multiple different charter boats that will take you out on the lake in style and comfort to help you land the big ones. The beautiful turquoise waters are reminiscent of the Caribbean and will make you feel like you're just off the coast of Margaritaville.

The Highlands: At Boyne Highlands, we pride ourselves on providing guests with a truly unique resort experience - and a visit to our annually-stocked, catch and release trout pond is one that sets us apart. All resort lodging guests are invited to make complimentary use of our cane fishing rods, and to try their luck on the pond. Every Saturday from 5-9pm (Memorial Day to Labor Day) Boyne Outfitters will be on property to give you an introduction to fly casting so you can learn the basics. They can also take you on a guided tour of this angler's paradise or set you up for your big adventure on the water!

Fish On!