Bourbon Bacon Brussel Sprouts by Chef José

For our upcoming Bourbon & Bacon Bash, our chefs are going all out. Every dining outlet on property will be featuring delicious dishes with the smokey and salty flavors your palette desires.  Our Zoo Bar Head Chef, José Gonzalez, couldn't be more excited to share with you his feature and also let you in on the details of his recipe, so you can try it at home. 

Bourbon Bacon Brussel Sprouts with Roasted Corn and Jalapeño

Serves 3-4


1 qt Fresh Brussel Sprouts

5 oz Bacon (Chopped)

2 tbsp Kosher Salt 1 cup Jalapeños (Diced)

½ qt Corn Kernels

3 oz Bourbon (2 shots)

½ cup Cotija Cheese   

1 cup Green Onion  

2 tbsp Fustini's Blood Orange Olive Oil

¼ cup Mexican Crema (If you are unable to find Mexican Crema, combine milk and sour cream until you have desired consistency) 


1.      Rinse brussel sprouts, trim ends (not too close or they'll fall apart) and remove any withered leaves. Cut in half lengthwise, larger ones can be quartered.

2.      Bring a pot of water to a boil, add 2 tablespoons kosher salt, then brussel sprouts. Cook about 3-5 minutes depending on the size. Drain and shock by rinsing with ice cold water to stop the cooking process.

3.      Heat a large frying pan to medium-low heat and add the chopped bacon. Sauté in pan until bacon is partially cooked and fat has been rendered.

4.      Add jalapenos and corn to bacon. Sauté on high heat together for about 3 minutes until charred. Set aside jalapenos, corn and, bacon until needed.

5.      Using the same pan, add your Fustini's olive oil and brussel sprouts, fry until they start to brown around the edges, 8 to 10 minutes. Season with salt and pepper, to taste.

6.      When Brussels sprouts are roasted and caramelized turn the heat down to medium heat and add the charred bacon, corn, and jalapeño to cook for another five minutes.

7.      Fold in green onions and add your bourbon. Let the bourbon deglaze the pan to pick up the flavor from the bacon and vegetables...remember fat equals flavor!  

8.      Once the bourbon has reduced, you can now plate you dish and garnish with cotija cheese and Mexican crema.