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Home Blog 44th Annual Kircher Cup
Blog 44th Annual Kircher Cup
Q & A with the Kircher Cup Director, Dan Turcott

44th Annual Kircher Cup

Taste of Boyne Highlands

44th Annual Kircher Cup blog Q and A with Dan Turcott, Kircher Cup Tournament Director

What is the Kircher Cup Golf Tournament?

The Kircher Cup is a 54 hole, 2 person better ball (aka four ball) golf tournament contested over Labor Day Weekend at Boyne Highlands Resort.  

Who can play?

The Championship Division is open to men and women with a combined team handicap of 10 or fewer.  Within the Championship Division there are tees for male players 44 and younger, 45 and older as well as ladies.  No handicaps are used within the Championship or Senior Divisions.  

There's a Senior Division?  Tell us about that.

In order to play in the Senior Division, both players must be at least 55 years old.  Within the Senior Division there are tees for players aged 55-69, 70-84 and 85 years and older.  Just like the Championship Division, no handicaps are used.  

The Kircher Cup is in its 44th year, how did it get started?

Back in the 70s Everett Kircher, Boyne's founder and Glenn Johnson, who was a champion golfer and Mr. Kircher's friend got together and created the Kircher Cup Golf Tournament in order to fill the Boyne Highlands golf courses on what was traditionally a pretty slow weekend on the golf courses.  Mr. Johnson reached out to his fellow golf competitors and invited them up for a tournament.  Of course, in the early 70s many of the really good golfers in the Midwest had never heard of Boyne Highlands, let alone played golf at Boyne Highlands.  So, in 1975 the Kircher Cup was born.  

How has the Kircher Cup changed over the years?

In addition to adding the Senior Division many years ago, in recent years, we have tried to make the weekend very family friendly.  For example, we have added a kid's bar and kid-friendly appetizers to the welcoming cocktail party, a family cookout after the 2nd round of play and we even run a "Ladies Day Golf Game" for spouses and adult female guests of the players.  New for 2018, we changed the days of play to Friday-Sunday rather than Saturday-Monday in order to allow more flexible travel during the busy Labor Day Weekend.