Groomer Rides
Closed for the Winter Season

Groomer Rides

From one winter day to the next, when dawn breaks at Boyne Highlands, the slopes are covered in immaculate corduroy, ready and waiting for first tracks. And while it seems like magic, the nighttime transformation really comes down to something much simpler: the hard work of our veteran snowcat operators.

To provide a glimpse into their work, we invite you to join our expert snowcat operators while they ply their trade. Experience firsthand the satisfying challenges our grooming team faces every night - and share in their pride as you watch the mountain's overnight transformation.

Hours of Operation

    • Closed
    • For the Season
Reservations are required for this adventure and must be made by 8pm.

No food or beverage are permitted in the groomer. One adult or one adult with 1-2 small children.