Cross Country Biking Trails

For bikers who appreciate the path less-traveled, our cross country mountain bike trails offer a direct line to the heart of our lush, beautiful resort property. Whether you choose to take it slow and absorb your surroundings, or to speed things up for a satisfying workout in a spectacular setting, our trail network offers just what you're looking for.

Trail Descriptions

Green Trail

This trail exists to make your life easier - take this trail to bypass the bridges and climb, but also miss out on the descent...

0.75 miles

Red Trail

Slightly more difficult than the Yellow, but still mellow enough for those just starting out. Enjoy a wide trail with a nice downhill and some moderate climbs.

1.5 miles

Yellow Trail

Our easiest trail. Mostly downhill and wide enough to really get comfortable.

2.5 miles

White Trail

Great warm up trail or for beginners to see what they're getting into before taking the chairlift up for more aggressive trails.

2 miles

Blue Trail

Features an unadultered singletrack experience. Every climb is rewarded with a decent as you wind you way around our longest trail.

5 miles

Black Trail

A nice section that allows you to bypass the climb to the north end.

1 miles

Orange Trail

Nearly a mile of climbing starts this amazing ride. Finish the climb and enjoy the longest section of downhill we have to offer.

2 miles

Light Blue Trail

A fairly steep technical shortcut directly to the top of the Orange Trail downhill section.

0.2 miles

Pink Trail

Short and sweet, this trail isn't super long, but makes up for it with a super fun downhill section.

0.4 miles